Gen Bipin Singh Rawat a “Military Chanakya” indeed !

As a Tribute to Gen Bipin Singh Rawat, I through this Article wish to let people know about the most critical contribution of Gen Bipin Singh Rawat for Sovereignty of our Nation by providing 3 decades old most critical Military strategic need of our Defence Forces to ensure security of our borders and jointly facing the newer technological and operational challenges from our enemies.

Looking at newer war strategies and tactics our Forces have been raising the issue of critical & urgent need of Theatre Command for over 3 decades. This issue has been discussed at all the forums internal defence discussions, symposiums, war colleges, Govt-Defence discussions and also at highest Political discussions. These discussion started as early as in 1980s era but till year 2000 it only remained at discussion level.

With time, not only size of our forces have increased but class of weapons, equipments and so the challenges have become very complicated and multi dimensional and most critical concern was its pace of advancement especially when we are surrounded by rogue enemies in the most difficult terrains.

Theatre Command is a concept of functioning of all three forces under one military leader irrespective of Force that officer belongs, though selection of such officer would be based upon the area of operations and class of threats; as every conflict areas has it typical challenges so the strategy & tactics too, and leadership need too accordingly.

For almost one and half decade the political leadership was in doldrums as to how to takcle such decision as all three forces have different role, weapons, equipments, supremacy and leadership issues. Political leadership for over a decade were evading taking such decision considering it as a risk of disturbed balance /conflict termed as command & control problem among three forces of India. Another big challenge perceived was identifying an officer who not only have deep understanding of Army, Navy & Airforce strategies and Tactics but also is capable to command them as joint force to the military advantage of India for the sovereignty & security of Nation.

So the situation India reached where Country needed a strong Political leader who dare taking such decision maintaining balance among 3 force’s identity and supremacy of roles but also able to find some one who could lead 3 forces as joint military forces.

Without an Iota of doubt it was Mr Narendra Modi as PM and strong leader who could bring all forces leaders together and work upon common objective of National security. While doing this mammoth task he found Gen Bipin Singh Rawat as some one who was not only a versatile officer but well knit with officers of other forces and well accepted as senior most among them as top leader. Now it was turn of Gen Bipin Singh Rawat to ensure that he proves this decision right by ensuring that India has strategic framework to achieve its top critical military need i.e Theatre Command.

Gen Rawat over his tenure as CDS (Chief of Defence Staff ) could very quickly and effectively not only crafted the Strategic framework for Theatre Command but also executed it right, identifying right leaders from all 3 forces who can provide Tactical leadership to these Theatre Commands.

Theatre commands would not only enhance our nation’s military capability but also efficiency, impact at very cost effect level.

After OROP, appointment of CDS and successfully facilitating Theatre Command has been historic Political and Military decisions of Independent India, which was possible only by strong willed Political Leader Sh Narendra Modi.

India will always be indebted to Gen Bipin Singh Rawat for his such exemplary leadership, making India safer for ever. He was “Military Chanakya” indeed.


CORONA the COVID 19 Traumatizes beyond Human Imagination – A Tell tale

Its going to be 365 days since the World has been grappled with CORONA the COVID 19, killing Millions across globe.

The Numbers could have been around 5+ millions if India had not adopted fast paced strategy & very stringent initial discipline in managing the Pandemic and also if true numbers of China & Russia were known.

However, why this Pandemic is not taking permanent Rest is because people are not serious about following its protocol, for which Govt’s world over have tried all sorts of methodologies e.g Lock Down, Awareness Campaign, Punitive actions etc but somehow all seems to have failed as people aren’t taking any action seriously /life threatening.

My purpose of writing this Piece, is to convey the Traumatic experience a family goes through while dealing with COVID 19  and post that follows in their lives, which some how has neither been written about nor communicated by the victims as they have been so lost into managing fall outs of CORONA the COVID 19 induced trauma to the family and some may have gone into depression to even talk about it. Hence, the state & degree of Trauma caused by COVID 19 has not reached the masses so far.

Being recent victim, I have decided to get over it and write this “Tell tale” as to how Traumatic it can be when family goes through and also how miserable one as an individual feels as victim.

CORONA historically was known as virus that attacks Respiratory system and spreads very fast with very high fatal rate. Over 2 Centuries, World have suffered various traces of CORONA so far e.g SARS etc; and all these Virus infected Respiratory System alone.

While CORONA the COVID 19, has been much different from the past, so lethal & killing as its impacts did not restrict to the Respiratory system alone but any vulnerable Organ that had even mildest weakness. COVID 19 takes control over the system any vulnerable organ too, making diagnosis & treatment very challenging for even very experienced Doctors. Irony is that as COVID 19 is not a disease there is no prescribed diagnostic protocol & so the line of treatment. Doctors treat the patients symptomatically; it becomes very critical when patients don’t have typical COVID 19 symptoms as in many cases it has attacked other weak Organs and unless Doctors put the Patients under time consuming detailed investigations to know Organs under attack. There have been cases when Patient goes to a Doctor for certain ailment and Doctor realises it COVID 19 impacted Organ.

All the above scenarios, which are not only beyond Human imagination but also deceptive for the Medical fraternity to diagnose and deal with. Once a family goes through this situation, is under constant stress of hearing any new symptom / impairment during treatment. The Ordeal does not end even if the patient is recovered & released from the Treatment as there have been numerous cases of Patients returning to Hospital due to relapse of infection with even more gravity. This sends out second wave of shiver among the family members who are already stressed out mentally & financially.

COVID 19 is ruthless & merciless as it doesn’t spare people of any age & gender. Though losing family member is equally traumatic to all but it has caused highest degree of Trauma to many families which were at mid age to early old age bracket when the next generation (children) are in the process of settling down in career or next stage of their lives and need for parents is utmost not only emotionally but also financially which has  been drained out by rogue COVID 19. This leaves family into severe distress and everything around look gloomy & dark as if there is no light around and fear of COVID 19 not snatching away other members of the family.   

I have recently returned from funeral of my elder brother aged 59, with 2 growing children at developing stage of career & life aged 29 & 26. He was an old Asthma and treated Pneumonia Patient had symptoms of frequent mild fever in past few days which used to come under control by Paracetamol. After 3 such episodes he just happened to take COVID 19 test & was found Positive, from where the family started taking medical course and it so happened that in 48 hours he had severe congestion and CT Scan image was cluttered with COVID 19 stretch marks. Till now he neither had fever nor any coughing but developed little breathing problem, it was when he was admitted in the Hospital on precautionary basis.

To family’s panic, within 12 hours his Oxygen levels started dropping drastically & became very fluctuating. He was put on ventilator which was very uncomfortable but surprisingly he still neither had fever nor coughing except discomfort in breathing. While we were hopeful of his recovery, Doctor continued upscaling the line of treatment, took him to through full cycle of protocol and while he was in the last stage of treatment he suddenly breathed last without any notice.

This left the whole family into unanticipated & undesirable trauma causing state of severe shock. COVID 19 neither gave any alert, any indication of severity, typical symptoms and yet NO time to react that made me personally feel helpless of my whole life, despite being known to be mentally & emotionally strong person and same to his spouse.

As I am writing this piece for the interest of public, I consider it pertinent to mention here that my brother was following all the COVID 19 protocolsvery strictly but happened to be at public place for few hours, that’s the only violation the whole family is considering sole reason for this fatality.

More painful state been was that because of COVID 19 fears, only few counted people could attend his funeral, while my brother was one, who stood by & helped all his life anyone & everyone but for his last rites none could gather courage to attend. More than 90% messages & call that I received were that we are feeling so putrid that we are unable to even pay our homage to a person who has been next to us in all over needs, all his life.

To sum up this piece my request to all across the world is “Please do not take COVID 19 lightly” for any reason or logic. It is one of the strongest, ruthless & merciless Virus sparing none irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age etc.

Despite not in the state of mind & mood to write, I have taken this initiative to let people know how dangerous things can be for us when even one in the family is attacked by the COVID 19, as after gulping one member it can target other members too without any guilt.

So, Pls Pls Pls do follow COVID 19 protocols to save self, community, country & world at large.

Don’t become Prey to Dragon’s Devil !

Aviation Sector revival a must for economy & job creation, yet shortcut on Pandemic discipline isn’t a good Idea !

India is ofcourse world’s potentially fastest growing economy and was fastest growing Aviation sector with average CAGR of 17% in pre COVID period.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">In order to revive Indian and global economy, Indian Aviation Sector would play a vital role as there are approx. 800 Aircraft orders are awaiting delivery for Indian sector to regain momentum.In order to revive Indian and global economy, Indian Aviation Sector would play a vital role as there are approx. 800 Aircraft orders are awaiting delivery for Indian sector to regain momentum.

GOI is taking various measures to revive economy by unlocking through cautious measures, various economic packages and also a very bold AtmaNirbhar Bharat Mission initiated aggressively. In its continuity, Ministry of Civil Aviation also commenced Vande Bharat Mission to help Indians to return to India from various countries and also recently commenced International flights through “Äir Bubble” between 13 countries from 01st Sep 2020.

To boost passenger load on international flights Ministry of Civil Aviation had recently issued an Order on 02nd Sep 2020, allowing passengers to board from last overseas departure airport even if they couldnt do RT-PCR 96 hours before departure as per the prevailing guidelines but upon touching down 1st Indian Airport the passenger need to under go RT-PCR and will be put under Quarantine if found to be +ve, else can continue to further destination. Pls refer the link of the Order below.

Click to access OM_dated_02_09_2020_on_RT_PCR_testing_at_entry_airports.pdf

I had written to Hon’ble Minister of Civil Aviation drawing his attention on the serious concerns as the Order didnot specify under which unavoidable circumstances passengers without having done RT-PCR could be allowed to board the Aircraft as this points to invitation to the infection in the Country. Further the Order also didnt specify that such passengers should be treated as deemed to be infected and be seated separate from other passengers and also they should be served for inflight services by exclusive crew.

Unfortunately, an Air India Express Aircraft on 04th Sep flew from Jaipur and landed at Dubai with patient who had +ve COVID Report. As this was 2nd case of Infected patient being flown, which was violation of laid down procedures, Schedule of Air India Express were suspended from 18th Sep till 02 Oct vide Dubai Civil Aviation Authority letter DCAA/ASA/I-1/050 dated 17th Sep 2020, which was subsequently revoked through Diplomatic Channels.

It has now become prudent on the part of Ministry of Civil Aviation to review its 2nd Sep 2020 Order, where in no Passengers to and from an Airport without RT-PCR 96 hours before boarding be allowed. It is expected that the MOCA will review the order and issue amendment, as that will be a good order to ensure that Air Passenger traffic gradually grows and yet there is no threat to other healthy passengers and also no infected passenger is allowed to enter India as fuel to fire when our Govt is already working hard to control COVID spread..

A reality Check of Aviation Sector, challenges & Out look : a global perspective

Good Interview of Chief of Southwest Airlines Gary Kelly on flying as passenger & airline operator in times of pandemic and global economic realities via a vis aviation outlook. 

National Hand-loom Day Special : Innovation is need than persuasive marketing

Hand-loom fabric wear attract most men & women as it enhances personality & offer wide range of garments e.g Saree, Salwar Suit, head gear (safa, topi) etc for women and Kurta, Dhoti, head gear (safa, topi) etc.

Despite garments made of Hand-loom fabric is most comfortable in all weather especially in hot & humid weather, Hand-loom doesnt have big market as quick readiness and upkeep of these fabric is big challenge & a tedious process, yet provide a short-lived look & feel effect.

Preparing these garments for wearing & up keep there are number of challenges. Out of all, most essential is role of Starch for look & feel and upkeep and yet usable only for single wear as it would need reprocess for upkeep. Hence, Hand-loom need persuasive promotion impetus through Govt route.

Therefore, to deal with these challenges, we need innovative approach to neutralize these challenges to make these fabrics user friendly with convenience. To add my contribution in achieving these bottle-necks, I have few suggestions to make :

1. Similar to Steam Iron a Starch Iron can be designed which can give starch Ironing to these garments as & when required in a very convenient way.

2. Saree, Dupatta, Men’s dhoti & Men’s head gear (safa) in addition to the Starch Iron would also need fabric stretching & drying mechanism, at a particular torque. Hence, Design of Starch Iron would need to include collapsible stretching cum drying platform to facilitate these specific & special effect.

3. In addition to above, Washing machines too need to have special wash programs to give wash cum softening effect to these garments.

4. Few Key commercial advantages that goes in favour of Hand-loom fabrics are :

i. Generate large number of jobs

ii. Made of organic raw material

iii. Environment friendly

iv. Govt subsidies & policy support

v. Tax holidays

vi.Exports promotion

vii. Recyclable

viii. Convertible of waste into Bio Fertilizer & Bio Fuel

ix. Huge scope of large Exports volumes, fetching Forex.

Above all, once Project is taken up by the qualified Technocrats, there may be many more commercial advantages and variants.

A big basket of Hand-loom products with user friendly equipments for convenient wear-ability & upkeep, with out need for persuasive marketing would be able to generate large volumes of business with substantial profits and also tag of Partnering Make in India & Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Ambitious India looks for robust Infra management system of key Revenue earning cities- An Atmanirbhar Bharat approach needed

Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai (Metro-I), Jaipur, Pune, Ahmadabad, Mysore, Lucknow, Kanpur, Kota, NOIDA, Faridabad, Gaziabad, Nagpur, Bhilwara, Gurugram, Vishakhapattnam (Metro-II) are key cities which generate more than 80% of Revenue for the Govt of India and respective State Govts.

In past 25 yrs, these cities have seen population inflow to the tune of over 30-40% giving substantial boost to economy of India and respective states. These cities are contributing highest Income Tax and GST (CGST, SGST, VAT, Stamp Duty, Property Registration charges etc).

Unfortunately, every year during monsoon these are the cities which come to stand still several times due to poor drainage system, during winters these cities come to stand still several times due to smog, during summers these are cities which suffer severe shortage of drinking water and sanitization. These problems not only make life difficult for the citizens who are earners for the nation but also make them vulnerable to all kinds of epidemics & viral infections etc.

As the revenue collections of past GOI have always been beyond the targets, they have never felt need for revamping & ramping up basic infra in these cities as loss of days during Monsoon, Winters, Summers haven’t effected substantially to the Govt revenue collections. Therefore, every season the misery is blamed to congestion in the cities causing overloading on the basic infra and the story ends with media cry, people cry and political blame games. Till date neither any state govt nor GOI have come out with any concrete plan to mitigating these risks which are growing like CORONA.

Before, my apprehensions come true of drastic fall in Revenue need vs Collections and also these cities are declared dangerous to stay for unsafe infrastructure or prohibited for anymore population inflow for desired infrastructure ; I have following to suggest as Outline of a prospective Plan for Govt of India and State Govts to consider :

a. Following Infra facilities and facilitation must come under portfolio of Govt of India :

1. Road Infra

2. Public Transportation (Rail, Road, Water)

3. Drainage

4. Drinking Water Management

5. Rain Water harvesting

6. Electricity distribution

7. Public Health, Birth & Seasonal Vaccination System

8. Garbage Management & Sanitization

9. Flood Management

10. Pollution management

11. Disaster Management

12. Law & Order, Justice and Police

b. Eligibility & Governance : Its a critical & highly political issue but need deft & conclusive decision making by Govt at the Center. The Issues involved are as under :

i. City having population of 5 million and above and /or

ii. Revenue generation of certain number , whichever is earlier

iii. GOI Appointed LG and its bureaucratic team of Civil Servants (All India Services officers (Direct entry officers from IAS & equivalents, Group A officers, Group B Officers and Deputation from PSUs)

iv. There should be automated system of survey of all the Cities every 5 yrs for joining this category of City, without any need of any legislative concurrence.

v. If State Capital comes under this Category, State Administration will continue from the City.

c. As Model of this System I would like to discuss Mumbai under following points :

i. Better quality of roads & new strategic design of road Infra needed

ii. Drainage system need to be deep underground releasing drain water towards Navi Mumbai/Ali baug side of Sea.

iii. Robust Rain Water harvesting system need to be developed quickly transfer rain water towards Navi Mumbai/Ali baug end into Water reservoirs for use of irrigation and sanitization etc.

iv. Drinking water reservoirs need to be built with atleast plan for population influx of 50 yrs ahead with underground water lines.

v. Road repair should be done by reconstruction of road than re-carpeting as this raises level of ground causing situation of water collection/flood.

vi. Enough logistic & supply chain to make basic daily need commodity i.e Milk, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains & Cereal.

v. Connecting two places of the City by more than 3 routes without travelling extra so that in case emergency city dont come to stand still.

vi. Approval for Infra Projects only based on availability of basic amenities.

The write up offers only an outline of Conceptual Model which can be developed further by expertise of the domain. But the Govt of India need to act swiftly and make sure key cities continue earning revenue for the nation by not coming to stand still for want of robust basic infra.

Special Tribute to Corona Warriors- Äao Sab Mil Deeya Jalayen !….. आओ सब मिल दीया जलाएं !

A Music Video Launch By Hon .Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy -MP -Saran [Bihar]

Lyrics & Concept : Vipul Saxena

Singer: Astha Saxena

Composer: Yateesh Acharya

Production Directors : Sangeeta Saxena & Devendra Saxena, Coordinator : Prasenjit Singh, Music Arrangement , Mixing & Mastering : Arvinder S Singh, Studio Muzic Monk, Voice Dubbing: Swaranjali Studio, Editing: Leelesh Kumar Gandharv

आओ सब मिल दीया जलाएं

#स्वार्थ को कुछ दिन भूल जाएं

जन हित की ही अलख जगाएँ

मातृ भूमि का क़र्ज़ चुकाएँ

इस मिट्टी को माथे लगाएँ

आज धरा पर बलि बलि जाएँ

आओ सब मिल दीया जलाएँ

#किसने क्या किया अभी भुलाएँ ‬ ‪

जन सेवा का लक्ष्य बनाएँ ‬ ‪

देश हित से ऊपर उठकर‬ ‪सृष्टि हित का पाठ पढ़ाएँ ‬ ‪

ईश कृपा और गुरु कृपा का ‬ ‪

मूल नहीं तो ब्याज चुकाएँ ‬ ‪

आओ सब मिल दीया जलाएँ ‬

‪#हमको जिन्होंने पाठ पढ़ाया ‪

हाथ स्वच्छ दूरी रखना सिखाया ‬ ‪

फिर भी जो ना रहे सुरक्षित ‬ ‪

उनको भी उपचार दिलाया ‬ ‪

चिकित्सकों को शीश नवाएँ

सेना ‪पुलिस का मान बढ़ाएं ‪

आओ सब मिल दीया जलाएँ

Aao sab mil deeya jalayen

#Swarth ko kuchh din bhool jayen

Jan hit ki hi alakh jagayen

Matra bhoomi ka karz chukayen

Es mitti ko mathe lagayen

aaj dhara par bali bali jayen

Aao sab mil deeya jalayen

# kisne kya kiya abhi bhulayen

Jan sewa ka lakshy banayen

Desh hit se uper uth kar srishti hit ka path padhayen

ish kripa aur guru kripa ka

Mool nahi to byaj chukayen

Aao sab mil deeya jalayen

# hamko jinhone path padaya

Hath swachchh doori rakhna sikhaya

Phir bhi jo na rahe surakshit

Unko bhi upchar dilaya

Chikitsakon ko sheesh nawayen

sena police ka maan badhayen

Aao sab mil deeya jalayen

© Vipul Saxena, 2020, All rights reserved.

Nation-wide Immunity boost Program Pivotal need for Mission Atmanirbhar Bharat

Whether its enemy nation’s proxy war tactics as Biological warfare or Pharma sector’s milking mission by spreading genetic virus round the year with every change of season, Immunity becomes a need for nation wide govt program at same urgency, pace and coverage as Polio free India and Aadhar.

Though global community need to handle both these nuisance differently but till it is achieved people at large cannot be left vulnerable to viral attacks causing lose of life, loss of property, loss of business, loss of jobs resulting into national emergency in the worst case scenario.

COVID-19 has sent out a very strong message that accepting Biological nuisance is a new unavoidable & uncontrolled challenge. Hence, Govt of India must task Niti Aayog for drawing out a Citizen Charter to ensure that :

a. Corona Vaccine reach 100% population in shortest possible time in absolute terms

b. Nation-wide Immunity boost Program is launched and followed by continuous program:

i. To work along side Ministry of Health in developing a Family of Vaccines which would protect all citizens of India from contagious & non contagious infections from to all types of virus (Air, Water, Food, Contact) through Eyes, Nose, Skin, Throat & Lungs.

ii. Aadhar, PAN Card and Voters Card should also be valid for a specified period.

iii. Aadhar Card, PAN CARD, Voters Card and Passport are issued /renewed as per the validity of those Vaccines, keeping safe periodic margins for people to take the vaccines.

iv. Provisions of Charter should be obligatory for all Citizens with out any accountability of Govt to ensure delivery at door steps.

v. Vaccines may be spread out over the entire year for convenience of all stake holders.

vi. Each Vaccines should be linked with renewal periodicity of Aadhar Card, PAN CARD, Voters Card and Passport etc.

vii. For children and students specific guideline be promulgated.

viii. There should be proper recording of vial used for vaccination so that in case of citizen catching up any infection within life cycle of relevant vaccine , criminal action can be taken against Pharma Company and also Administrator.

ix. Vaccine should be administered through best technology to prevent any fake, unscrupulous vaccine administration.

x. There should be audit of vaccination by independent body to ensure genuine vaccines have been administered and 100% population have been covered.

xi. Anyone involved in any foul play in vaccine administration should be charged with serious and non bailable criminal offence.

xii. There should be a complaint cell / portal where people can file complaint by name or anonymously and responsible officer must ensure action taken within 24 hours.

Nation wide Immunity Boost Program if implemented through a close loop process, it will work as Safety Umbrella for Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Airline Operations can be a viable Business Model : A new road-map

With the entry of high tech & multi role Aircraft, automated & manufactured by same manufacturers as that of Passenger Aircraft (Fixed Wing & Helicopters) joining fleets of Air-force, Naval Aviation and Army Aviation, Defence Pilots are as ready & competent as Civilian Pilots.

Further, as they too fly into common air space except for the notified Exercise Area they are equally ready & competent to fly in Civil Air Traffic controlled air spaces, unlike 1980-90s era Civil Aviation set up which was totally new for them.

Similarly, Defence Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Air Traffic Controllers too are as ready & competent as Civilian AMEs and ATCOs unlike 1980-90s era Civil Aviation set up which was totally new for them; as AMEs too are maintaining same/similar or rather better aircraft than passenger aircraft and in case of ATCOs not only are exposed to Civil air traffic management system but also defence tactical procedures too. As many most operational Airports in India are under Control of Air-force and Navy. Defence ATCOs & Radar ATCOs too are trained at CATC (Civil Aviation Training College), Allahabad alongwith Civilian ATCOs & Radar ATCOs.

My last Blog Indian Aviation Sector seek revival: PCBMs,Regulatory & Structural corrections to Airlines operations,a Must! listed out key fixed cost heads that heavily burden the Airlines operating cost are Salaries of Pilots & Engineers.

Looking at CAGR of Aviation Sector globally and india being the highest potential market for growth, there is need to look at following :

a. Lateral entry of Defence Pilots who are retiring after serving as short service commissioned or permanent commissioned officer. They should be issued with Temporary Flying License for a period of 5 year as per the eligibility criteria for various license and basis of Aircraft AUW (All up weight) category flown with full privileges of particular license. These Pilots would be required to pass written examination with in 5 years, failing which License is automatically canceled. This will meet requirement of Commanders and Co-Pilots for Airlines and even Instructors for flying clubs/academies.

b. Lateral entry of Defence AMEs who are retiring after serving as short service commissioned or permanent commissioned officer. They should be issued with Temporary AME License for a period of 5 year as per the eligibility criteria for various license and basis of type of Aircraft category maintained, with full privileges of particular license. These AMEs would be required to pass written examination with in 5 years, failing which License is automatically canceled. This will meet requirement of Chief of Maintenance, QCM and line AMEs for Airlines/flying clubs/academies.

b. Lateral entry of Defence ATCOs who are retiring after serving as short service commissioned or permanent commissioned officer. They should be issued with Temporary ATCOs & Radar Control ATCOs License for a period of 5 year as per the eligibility criteria for various license with full privileges of particular license. These ATCOs would be required to pass written examination with in 5 years, failing which License is automatically canceled. This will meet requirement of WSOs, Radar ATCOs and duty ATCOs for various Airports.

These measures will create a big pool of talent for Indian & global Aviation Sector and would enable Airlines to rationalise Salaries of Pilots & Engineers and Airport Operators would be able to meet shortage of ATCOs and Radar ATCOs at reasonable cost.

Aviation Technology of defence forces in terms of type of aircraft, aircraft operations and maintenance have gone through revolutionary alignment with Civil aviation wherein Engine type, Aircraft type, manufacturers and role of Aircraft have come very close to-gather rather defence aircrafts are better automated, better equipped and multi role in performance and simultaneously the Maintenance practices and & competency needs.

In addition to above, Indian Coast Guard and BSF too have large number of Aviation Professionals retiring each year, even they may be eligible for same privileges.

These measures can work wonder in setting things right for making Civil Aviation sector ready for exponential growth through optimising Airline Operating Cost making Airline a viable Business Model, in post COVID Scenario.

People expect accused’s speedy encounter with Justice Not Justice through Police Encounter : Judicial reforms a paramount National need !

Police encounter of Vikas Dubey was not first of its kind either in Uttar Pradesh or in the Country. While UP already had many in past; Telangana too had one recently which received maximum attention from media & acclaimed from people when an accused who raped a young Doctor also burnt her live on an isolated road.

Flip side of Crime in India is very painful for the victim and victim’s family when murderers, rapists get bail on various grounds, roam free to threaten/kill witness to get benefit of doubt due to inconclusive evidence. Story becomes much treacherous when the accused is declared convicted but the time taken for execution of punishment especially capital punishment, is so long it drains entire energy & finance of victim’s family. Story is so long as after conviction through fair trial, conclusive evidence, parole, review petition, mercy petition, on top of these human rights as well and list of privileges & rights is endless, turns nightmarish for victim & family as there are no privilege available to them e.g seeking speedy trial, speedy conviction, speedy execution etc.

In the times of fast track courts too minimum time span for conviction by lower court ranges 3-5 yrs as collection of many evidences such as forensic reports take more than 1-2 yrs due to heavy work load on accounted forensic labs etc.

In year 2000, NDA formed Malimath Committee headed by former Chief Justice of Karnataka Shri VS Malimath; which submitted it’s recommendations on reforms in the criminal justice system in 2003; which were in year 2005 submitted in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2003.

What later followed was Nirbhaya case (Year 2012) a classic example of slower than snail speed of trial despite being most hyped case followed personally by ruling party, opposition parties & govt of India. Trial of this case ripped apart the ground reality of implementation of Recommendation made by Justice VS Malimath Committee.

Recent case of suspicious death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput is another example which is moving at no speed, no direction and seems to lead no conclusion too.

New age Technology on one end help investigators reach very close to conclusive evidence of crime, on the other end it helps criminal to manipulate /destroy the vital evidence.

Time and again it has come on record that CCTV footage which can help investigation quickly & conclusively reach the accused but in most high profile cases too manipulation/destruction of CCTV footage has become very common ground for benefit of doubt to the accused.

Due to lack of Forensic Infrastructure crucial evidence such as Viscera reports take years and has all possibility to be adulterated/manipulated seriously risking the Justice reaching the Victim.

Witnesses are still being threatened, killed; in many cases Victims too are being threatened, killed. In many cases witnesses are threatened / lured for turning hostile as turning hostile is not an offence. In case of witness is killed/manipulated/becomes hostile no doubt is raised on accused despite he being the sole beneficiary.

Evidences are still being fabricated/manipulated/destroyed as accused’s lawyer knows that conviction cannot happen on Circumstantial evidence and benefit of doubt is privilege for accused.

After Charge-sheet is filed normally accused is granted the bail but in the absence of law for protection of victim & witness both remain vulnerable to threatening, assault, killed, lured to turn hostile during trial.

NDA govt lead by Sh Narendra Modi must review implementation of Recommendations of Justice Malimath Committee on Judicial Reforms and revamp Criminal Law, there is also imminent need to re-look at 03 Principles of Criminal Jurisprudence :


There is also need for following to include in Criminal Law :

a. In the times of High Tech investigation system and also High Tech evidence manipulation/destruction systems, need for direct evidence should not be essential for conviction.

b. In case of any threat/death of victim or witness and also in cases of witness turning hostile accused should be made directly responsible and his Crime should be declared aggravated Crime adding with relevant Sections of Law.

c. Witness turning hostile should be made non bailable and serious offence for Witness.

d. Conviction on Circumstantial Evidence to the extent of minimum Punishment of the Section under which Crime has been registered.

e. In cases of Rape or Murder, Bail should not be granted even after Charge-Sheet is filed, however, conditional Parole should be given for very limited period.

f. There should be no commutation of custody period to reduce term of punishment.

g. No Accused for rape or murder should go scot free for lack of evidence and conviction should happen on circumstantial evidence too.

h. Investigation and Prosecution Officers should be punished by the Court, along with conviction order of accused, for breach of trust, criminal conspiracy , dereliction of duty where-ever Court feels any of such acts by these officers.

Crime rate is litmus paper for the strength of Criminal Justice system of a Country, as it is the Criminal Laws & Justice system which are responsible for speedy & high rate of convictions.

Current Conviction Rate of India is barely 19.9% which should be interpreted as non existence of Justice and accordingly Criminal Law and Trial Process need to restructured. Once done, Criminal-Politician nexus and Corporate Crimes will come under control to a credible count; and there will be no Victim like Nirbhaya and Sushant Singh Rajput , no family of victims will suffer like that of Nirbhaya & Sushant Singh Rajput and no one will dare becoming Mukhtar Ansari or Vikas Dubey, the devils of society.

People of India expect to see Criminal’s speedy encounter with Justice than Justice through Police encounter !

Indian Aviation Sector seek revival: PCBMs,Regulatory & Structural corrections to Airlines operations,a Must!

In Pre COVID-19 phase Aviation Sector was one of the fastest growing sector globally making 60 % of world populations traveling by Air counting to approx 5.0 Billion passengers annually. India and China were the key growth drivers for the sector growing double digit CAGR i.e 15% & above and minimum being 5%. Pre COVID survey reports projected passengers traffic for India to 478 Million by Year 2036.

Due to COVID-19, like all other sectors Aviation sector too crashed, though pulling it till Feb 2020, when EU reached the Peak of COVID had also laid its roots across globe. Hence, ICAO had to issue guidelines for continuing Air Ops only for emergency, evacuation etc with long list of additional safety compliances, flight times, passenger load, Cargo restrictions etc.

Now that EU, China, Australia and many Countries have effectively controlled COVID and India too has been in the Controlled mode since begining due to various measures taken by Govt of India, yet Aviation Sector is facing big challenge in revival despite the fact Air Travel play key role in business growth across industries. This has two key factors on institutional level e.g comfort in conducting virtual meetings through Video Conferencing which was other wise facing mindset issues for over a decade in pre COVID phase, and Safety concern at individual levels especially senior executives who contribute to larger share of Air travel are more vulnerable to COVID due to age & diseases i.e. Diabetes, Kidney-Lungs Problems etc

Aviation Sector because of its fixed cost has been known as nonviable Business Model, yet none of the stake holders e.g ICAO, Airline Operators, Govts etc have taken any initiatives. The key fixed cost components which need flab cut are :

a. Pilot Training Cost by making Pilot Training more Simulator based.

b. Pilot Salaries rationalisation to a reasonable level, currently it is exorbitant. The same can be reset to 50-60% of pre COVID levels.

c. High Aircraft & major component Leasing Cost, need rationalisation.

d. High Maintenance Cost due to discretionary than digital regulatory compliance, need to be autonomous maintenance.

e. Aviation Turbine Fuel price to be rationalised and free of taxes.

f. Salaries of Technical Staff need to be rationalised. The same can be reset to 50-60% of pre COVID levels.

As far as Indian Aviation sector is concerned, it has been under severe public scrutiny & out rage for no care for passenger safety, comforts & hospitality, unpredictable & unreasonable fares and other concerns of passengers; yet no concrete actions taken by the DGCA and Ministry of Civil Aviation till 2013.

During Year 2004-2013, Private Airport Operators blatantly violated OMDA (Operations, Management and Development Agreement) imposed Development fee on passengers for the infra which was not yet developed and finally the funds were utilised for commercial development such as 5 Star Hotels , Malls etc. All the policies were made to protect Airline operator’s business interests at the cost of passenger’s concerns.

Between year 2014-18, new schemes like UDAN etc were initiated but remained least effective on ground till 2018 due to lack of proper Infra, hi speed road connectivity and interest by Airlines etc.

Railway Ministry improved state of Railways to a historic level in terms of state of Platforms, Toilets, Drinking water, Waiting rooms, Passengers comforts in trains, quality of food etc, which has attracted passengers to Indian Railways remarkably.

During year 2019-20, major reforms in Aviation Sector, in the form of new initiatives & regulatory control to address passengers safety, comforts & hospitality were introduced but before the momentum could move on to next level, COVID attacked.

Now that Aviation Sector is seeking revival globally, unlike other nations, Indian Aviation Sector is still struggling seeking passenger flow. As Ministry of Civil Aviation is responsible for revival of Aviation Sector, it need to resort to PCBMs (Passenger;s Confidence Building Measures) to focus and introduce concrete regulatory solutions to key passengers concerns for safety, comforts & hospitality etc as under :

a. Guidelines for safe operations for strict compliance on ground movements i.e quick ticketing, ease of check-in, security, lounge facilities, safe drinking water, wheel chair facilities, waiting capacity etc. In flight services e.g safe drinking water, safe food, proper ventilation, safe luggage management, hospitality facilities during flight delay, change over halts, flight cancellations etc.

b. Fare control mechanism to ensure NO fare war, NO fare rigging, No hidden additional charges added in fare, more economic fare on UDAN routes, Helicopter /small Aircraft services for feeder services to UDAN routes to increase passenger loads.

c. Automatic refund of delayed & canceled flights as Statutory Compliances.

d. Robust Passengers grievance handling mechanism with high fines on Airlines/Airport Operators.

e. Flying Miles loot on passengers and its capitalisation in books of accounts of Airlines to Stop.

f. Airline’s must under go Regulator’s Annual Audit for Operational Viability and Safe Operations; Annual Audit by CAG or any other Statutory Auditing Body for financial Viability.

g. Form an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Civil Aviation constituted by ex Pilots, ex Aviation Engineers, ex ATCOs, equal numbers of members from Public to under take 6 monthly surveillance/ as & when class-1 Accident takes place and submit the report to Ministry which need to be addressed in totality.

As economy is seeking revival, public at large has Railway as strong alternative to Air Travel as Indian Railways has facilitated passenger friendly Ticketing, better Platform states, reasonable Fares, safe Water & hygienic food, better waiting rooms, better On board Services e.g general comfort, safe water & food, hygienic toilets, better hospitality, no harassment by TC etc.

Keeping in view above factors and tough competition from Railways , Aviation Sector need to do much more than what is expected by the Passengers to make it their choice mode of travel.

India & Rest of World (ROW) must use current Military buildup to cut China to size

Looking at consensus of Rest of the World (ROW) community for Military build up against China, China will think twice before engaging/forcing upon military conflict on India unlike in the past, as it has been treacherous to all its neighbours so far.

China has been very unreliable ally with all the nations it does business with and those it share borders it has been a ruthless land grabber.

Though on one end China is taking strong Military posture, on the other end it is feeling pressure from own citizens, internal business community and externally it is witnessing nightmarish military buildup against it in all the regions over land & sea which it has been eyeing to grab as its national strategy so far.

At this moment China has only two allies Pakistan and Iran, out of which Iran has already been tamed by Russia; while Pakistan is supporting it against own public will. In both situations China is in very fluid military & diplomatic foot hold.

The kind of political & military synergy Rest of the world (ROW) has developed over past 3 months against China, it will force China to surrender and offer Peace pact with India.

India must not fall into trap of peace pact this time and accept that China is its permanent enemy and cannot be friend or ally anymore. Even for ROW too it is one time opportunity to settle all international disputes China has created world over, in past decades including recent global nuisance. Yet, this can be a time buying tactics of China to down scale global military pressure.

If at all India and ROW decide to deal with China on restoration of peace and de-militarization, following global issue must settle unconditionally :

a. WHO Inspection to probe role of China in COVID-19, till then imposition of Financial Sanctions.

b. Financial compensation to Australia for cyber attack loss

c. Convert LAC into permanent Border as per Indian claim

d. Doklam becomes part of Bhutan

e. Freedom of Tibet

f. Pakistan to vacate POK

g. OBOR and CPEC to be demolished

h. Liberate Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunwa with choice with them to be independent Nation or merge with India.

i. Hong Kong to be an independent.

j. No use of Veto Power for 5 yrs, No use of Veto on Terror issues even after.

k. No opposition to India to be member of UNSC

l. Vacate recently grabbed 38 Acre land of Nepal

m. No financial / Commercial /Military relations with Pakistan

n. No claim on Vladivostok (Russia) which China considers grabbed by Russia

o. No alliance with North Korea & no nuclear testing by North Korea

p. Disarm all Nuclear weapons and WMD of North Korea

q. Vacate all Islands in Paracel and Spratly region in South China Sea

r. Disarm all Nuclear weapons and WMD of China

s. No Military or Naval Exercise out of Chinese water /Land Territory

t. Settlement of excess taxes collected by China from USA Companies.

u. Restoration of Human rights to Uighar Muslims.

Historically, China has been a notorious and violative nation disturbing peace with all its neighbour & grabbing land. It is also known to disregard and violate Treaties. Therefore, India need to enhance vigil on its Northern & Western borders with Pakistan and also on Northern and North East Borders with China.

If we compomise even little on vigil, China may start training Pakistani Army Personnel in own Mountain ranges and may deploy them on own borders instead PLA and also establish Air-force & Naval base in Pakistan, as new strategy.

गुरु पूर्णिमा (Guru Purnima) : गुरु शिष्य परंपरा एक अनुभूति

भारतीय समाज में गुरु शिष्य परंपरा का प्राचीन काल से बहुत महत्त्व है । वैद काल में ब्रह्मचार्य आश्रम में बच्चों का शैक्षिक काल गुरुकुल में बीतता था । गुरुकुल में ब्रह्म मुहूर्त से ही जीवन चर्या शुरू हो जाती थी , जो ब्रहम मुहूर्त में स्नानं आदि से शुरू हो कर , योग, मंत्रोच्चारण, पूजा , हवन आदि से समाप्त होती थी । उसके बाद पूर्वाह्न में वैद , विज्ञान, आयुर्वेद, ज्योतिष आदि की शिक्षा दी जाती थी । मध्यान में गुरु के प्रवचन व् शस्त्रों को चलाने , शारीरिक व्यायाम , खेल आदि होते थे । संध्या काल होते ही पूजा अर्चना व् रात्रि के भोजन के बाद जल्दी शयन की प्रक्रिया होती थी ।

सबसे महत्त्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि यह दिन चर्या राज कुमार से लेकर सभी शिष्यों के लिए एक समान होती थी । उस समय वर्ण व्यवस्था का प्रचलन था पर उसके विरोधाभास के प्रमाण भी है । जहाँ तक गुरु शिष्य परम्परा का प्रश्न है इसका ज्ञान सभी को था व् गुरुओं के प्रति असीम श्रधा का प्रचालन था ।

गुरु द्वारा सराहा जाना एक सम्मान व् गुरु द्वारा दोषरोपण एक गंभीर अपराध व् ग्लानिपूर्ण कृत्य माना जाता था । गुरु को दंड आदि देने के असीमित अधिकार थे , जिससे गुरुकुल के बाद शिष्य अनुशासित व् जिम्मेदार नागरिक बनते थे । जिससे देश का विकास व रक्षा होती थी ।

राज दरबार में गुरु का स्थान राजा के समक्ष होता था व् राजा राजगुरु से शासन , युद्ध , राज्य में अनुशासन , आर्थिक व् सुरक्षा के सभी मामलों में सलाह लेते थे ।

समय के साथ गुरुकुल का भी विशेषज्ञता के अनुसार नामकरण होने लगा । संगीत व् कला के क्षेत्र में अनेक गुरुकुल खुल गए । धातु शास्त्र , रसायन शास्त्र व् भौतिकी के अपने गुरुकुल ।

समय के साथ अलग अलग गुरुकुलों के खुलने पर भी गुरु शिष्य परम्परा में कोई बदलाव नहीं आया । गुरु का स्थान सर्वोच्य व् शिष्य का स्थान गुरु चरणों में रहा । गुरु भक्ति शिष्य का धर्म माना जाता रहा । गुरु आज्ञा का पालन शिष्य का परम कर्तव्य माना जाता रहा ।

बिन गुरु ज्ञान कहाँ से पाऊँ , गुर गोविन्द दोउ खड़े काके लागूं पाए आदि छंदों ने गुरु के स्थान की अतिउत्तम व्याख्या की व् समाज का मार्गदर्शन किया ।

समाज के भोगोलीकरण के साथ गुरुकुल के संख्या में कमी आने लगी व् गुरु शिष्य परम्परा लुप्त होने लगी, यहाँ तक कि यदि अध्यापक ने किसी बच्चे को कोई दंड दे दिया तो आज काल माता पिता पुलिस में FIR कर देते है । आज गुरुकुल, शिक्षालय बन गए है व्यवसाय बन गए हैं ।

इन सबके रहते कुछ क्षेत्र आज भी ऐसे हैं जिनमे गुरु शिष्य परंपरा जीवित है व् प्रचलन में है । यह क्षेत्र है कला, खेल , संगीत , शिक्षा आदि ।

बड़े से बड़े व्यक्तित्व ने कही न कहीं अपने व्यक्तिगत अनुभवों का वर्णन करते हुए एक ही बात कही है कि सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात जो गुरु शिष्य परंपरा सिखाती है व् प्रमाणित करती है कि बिना गुरु सेवा , गुरु ज्ञान , गुरु कृपा के कोई भी ज्ञान नहीं पाया जा सकता । डिग्री ले लेना एक बात है पर विषय का सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान बिना गुरु के असंभव है क्यूंकि गुरु सिखाते समय अपना अनुभव भी उसमे मिलाकर ज्ञान देते है ।

मैंने भी जीवन में कई विधाओं में अपने गुरुओं से ज्ञान प्राप्त किया । कई बार ऐसा हुआ कि मेरी उम्र व् अन्य क्षेत्रो में मेरा अनुभव कई वर्षों का होने से मैं उस विषय विशेष के गुरु की उम्र में भी ज्यादा रहा , तब भी मैंने गुरु शिष्य परंपरा के नियमो का सख्ती से पालन किया ।

इसलिए मैं भी स्वीकारता हूँ कि गुरु के प्रति अटूट विश्वास , अंध भक्ति , निश्वार्थ सेवा भाव व् आदर ही एक रास्ता है जिससे कठोर से कठोर दिखने वाले गुरु भी अपना ज्ञान का दान दे देते है , क्यूंकि गुरु की कठोरता आपको सही ज्ञान देने के लिए होती है दंड देने या प्रताड़ित करने के लिए नहीं , यह विश्वास होना जरुरी है ।

शिष्य, गुरु का गुरुर होता है व् गुरु, शिष्य की आस्था होती है ,और आस्था बेशर्त ही होती है । गुरु का अपने शिष्य के प्रति प्रेम भी अथाह होता है ।

मेरी माँ मेरी पहली गुरु थी व् श्री बद्री नारायण जी शास्त्री मेरे अध्यात्मिक गुरु थे । उनके बाद विभिन विषयों व् क्षेत्रों में मेरे 15 गुरु रहे है जिनसे मुझे ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ व् जीवन में सद्मार्ग मिला । मेरे जीवन की सफलता में मेरे गुरु शिष्य परंपरा के ये १२ मन्त्र फलीभूत हुए है, जिनका मैंने पूर्ण श्रधा से ताउम्र पालन किया ।

१. गुरु को संवाद का पहला अधिकार
२. गुरु से केवल सुनने, ज्ञान व आशीर्वाद प्राप्ति की कामना करें
३. गुरु से कोई सामाजिक व व्यक्तिगत बातें न करना
४. गुरु की निंदा न करें व न सुनें
६. गुरु हमेशा सही है , अगर उनसे कुछ गलती हो भी गयी है तो वो अपनी गलती को पहचानने व उसे सही करने में सक्षम है
७. गुरु के आगे केवल शीश नमन की ही मुद्रा रखे
८. जितनी बार आप गुरु के चरण स्पर्श करेंगे , आपका सौभाग्य उतना ही गुणित होगा
९. जीवन की यात्रा में कई गुरु ढूँढने होते है ,क्यूँकि हर गुरु की एक या कुछ विशेषताएँ होती है , वो सर्वज्ञानि हो ऐसा ज़रूरी नहीं । कभी भी किसी गुरु को भुलाना नहीं ।
१०. जब तक आप लक्ष्य पहुँचने के लिए अपने आप में कमी (क्या सीखना है) ढूँढने में सही साबित होंगे , तो ही आप सही गुरु ढूँढने में भी सफल होंगे व आप अपना लक्ष भी प्राप्त कर सकेंगे ।
११. गुरु से बहस के लायक़ आप कभी भी ना पाओगे , बत्तमीजी के लिए कोई क़ाबिलियत की ज़रूरत नहीं !
१२. गुरु से नाराज़गी व क्रोधित होने में नुक़सान स्वयं का ही है

  • शिष्य में सीखने की जिज्ञासा ही उसकी सफलता की ऊँचाई निर्धारित करती है

Exemptions and extensions granted to resume Air Operations globally adding to risk or preventing it ?

Though its admiring to see resumption of Air Operations globally, Aviation sector has become the first among Industries to restore operations in post COVID-19 situations.

Behind the curtain, there has been a big laundry list of exemptions and extensions of various process in Airworthiness Standards, Air-operations regulations and Air Safety compliances to resume flying operations at the earliest possible with desired safety assurances.

To ensure these, ICAO has laid down various guidelines advising Aviation Regulator of Contracting States to issue detailed instructions for granting Extension/Exemptions & Monitoring etc.

Review of situation on Ground reveals that despite loss of jobs, no flying operations etc most of the qualified man power is opting for safer place locked inside homes. This has created severe man power crunch across globe, posing serious problems in resuming flying operations. Considering these limitations spread across world ICAO have relaxed many critical mandates which were otherwise non negotiable in pre COVID-19 situation.

These exemptions and extensions became compulsive because of not only shortage of qualified man power e.g Pilots, Cabin Crew, Ground Crew (Ticketing, Ground handling and Security etc), but also shortage of spares & stores, Calibration facilities, Major repair facilities, Training facilities, Medical Assessment facilities etc.

A brief list of few exemptions/extensions include :

a. Extension on FDTL (Flight Duty Time Limitation) for Pliots & Cabin Crew

b. Extension of validity of licenses, Renewal, Instrument Ratings, privileges of pilots Licenses, Skill Test, Recurrent training, Flight Check requirements of Pilots, Load & Trim Staff, Flight Despatchers, Cabin crew, ground instructors etc.

c. Extension on Pilot Proficiency Checks, Mandatory Aviation Medical assessment, requirement of minimum number of Takeoff & landing currency in past 3 months.

d. Extension on validity of recurrent Dangerous goods Regulation training.

e. Extension on Aviation Security Refresher training by Civil Aviation Security Department.

f. Extension of Recurrent /Refresher Training / Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD Approval)

g. Extension on validity of Medical Fitness Assessment, English Language Proficiency (ELP), Recency & Competency checks for Licensed Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs).

Though a very pragmatic approach taken by ICAO, what apparently seems is that the relaxation in the system should have been adopted following more prudent process seeking independent opinion of professionals belonging to out side ICAO Team of Experts i.e Aviation Medical Specialists, Psychologists etc.

On one end the exemptions & extensions give way for resumption of flying operations but on the other end it makes flying more challenging and raising fatigue levels of Ground crew and Flying Crew too due to persistent stress levels for uncertainty looming large over their head for various counts.

ICAO being a responsible Organisation has been conducting numerous very informative Webinars on various relevant subject matters with special reference to COVID-19.

During one such Webinar on “Extending Flight and Duty Limits for COVID-19 “Special Ops” and ” Licensing in the times of COVID-19″ when panelists were posed a Question as to ” Wouldnt it be better if inputs from Aviation Medical Specialists & Psychologists too were sought on such critical issue ?”. The Panel though acknowledged importance of reference made but didnt confirm any such effort was made.

During one more similar Webinar on “Managing Fatigue in COVID-19 “Normal Operations” conducted by IATA joined by ICAO Representative as Penalist; in reply to a Question “Dont long list of exemptions/extensions under Airworthiness, Air operations, Air safety regulations pertaining to Pilots License, Training of Pilots/ATCOs, Medical Examination, Aviation Security recurrent training etc add risk of higher fatigue than preventing it ? “. Panelists did affirm point raised of concern and expected that the Contracting states would undertake due diligence in totality before approving extensions and exemptions.

In addition to regular ICAO oversight Inspections of Contracting States Aviation Operations, ICAO must also promulgate Calendar for surveillance to ensure that the ICAO Guidelines are adapted by the Contracting States along a well documented & compelling Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan, especially in the light of recent statement of Civil Aviation Minister of Pakistan reveals 260 out of 860 Pakistan Pilots are flying with fake license being hazard in the open Air Space risking lives of millions of passengers across globe.

Poor & needy Farmers commit Suicide, while waived Loan pocketed by Agri mafia

If I say that there is not even single farmer exists in India having his own land under his possession, selling more than even 1 tonne of even Wheat may surprise many but is crude reality.

Those registered as Farmer in the govt data are owners of very small land piece which feed them barely two meals a day, while most of them are Mid & Big size Land Sharks (Mafia) who are directly or indirectly connected to ruling alliance or strongest opposition party in particular state. It is noted that, National Parties e.g. Congress and BJP dont indulge in such activities but they do forge alliance with these parties and hence during rule of any Govt there is no criminal action on Mafia, while every Govt holds flag of zero tolerance to Corruption.

Despite Nationalisation of Banks by Mrs Indira Gandhi, Banks remained out of reach for villagers and especially Farmers in a country which have over 50% population as Farmers. This resulted in exploitation of Farmers for loans for Crop etc taken from Money lenders (mafia) who with time gained political power becoming Sarpanch etc as most of the villagers were their creditors, were in no position to repay even interest and also their valuables as security were held with these mafia.

Problem turned severe with mushrooming of Cooperative Banks in 70’s era, which were dominated by the regional party members who were actually money & land mafia in the villages. Earlier, as money mafia they had already grabbed valuables of farmers now they had forced farmers to pledge land papers to the Banks/ Money Lenders.

With every Crop either getting damaged by flood/drought the farmers reached a point where their debts kept pilling up with money lenders/cooperative banks. The year Crop did well these mafia forced Farmers to sell the products at rock bottom price and earned huge profits by selling it to big fat distributor.

With increased money power these fat distributors /their masters became more ruthless and now had entered into active Politics posing electoral challenges to key regional and national parties. By now as these mafia had started earning huge income from Agri products they also started enjoying tax free income benefits as Farmers/Income from Agri Products.

With decade of 1980, almost all the States started forming APMC (Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee) legalising activities of these mafia as Registered Entity under State Act. This system not only increased exploitation of Farmers but also started indulging into cartelisation rigging up prices of vegetables, fruits and grains especially on arrival of new Crop.

Historically, at the time of arrival of new Crop, prices used to be very reasonable and people used to store grains & cereals etc for the year and people used to celebrate festivals with full zeal due to seasonal vegetables and fruits available at cheaper price but now scenario is reverse. To rig prices these mafia at times create fake shortage of these commodities too.

The greed of mafia didnot stop here. By mid 80’s decade, they had started controlling political parties through funding and claiming village constituencies. With this their atrocities on Farmers started becoming inhumane and initiated killing farmer for waiver of loan became new trick, becoming big political issue across nation as Farmer Suicide.

In 1990, Prime Minister VP Singh was politically forced to declare Farmers loan waiver scheme for Rs 10,000 Crore, first time in Indian history. This initiative of Govt of India opened a new regime of black-mailing by mafia to almost every Govt at Center and State ruled by any party. Consequently, either Govts give in every year for Farmer’s loan waiver or number of farmer suicide increase substantially to shake the Govt as opposition parties and media would use this as tool to create negative public sentiments. While ground reality was that loan waiver funds never reach the poor farmers.

In reality the funds of loan waiver is being pocketed by these mafia who are registered as mid – big farmers, having turn over in 100s of Crores annually. This loan waiver has become such a big monster that it would cost India in FY 2020-21 to alomst 40-50 billion USD which is approx 2% of GDP.

Over the years all those who were actual owners of Agri Lands have become labour in their own farm-land as their lands have been grabbed by money lenders in lieu of Loans while big farmers & land mafia are growing exponentially gulping Agri Income and Loan Waiver funds.

Reports by all committees on Farmer loans and RBI have recommended to abolish farmer’s loan waiver as these are working negatively for economy as number of default to Cooperative Banks are increasing rapidly increasing number of NPAs too.

NDA Govt has started good initiative of DBT and GPS based Land records digitisation so that soonest possible original land owning farmers are free from clutches of these mafia but success of this mission will depend upon committed efforts of State Govts.

Moving furthers, Govt must also look at options to :

a. Reduce burden of Loan waiver on Budget and eventually abolish it

b. RBI control on Cooperative Banks for regulation and Management

c. Ways to eliminate mafia from Agriculture sector

d. Increase Agricultural contribution to GDP which has fallen to approx 12-14%

e. Set up all weather Agri Product Storages network to preserve crop produce

f. Fund Crop and buy 100% product at MSP & preserve produce in Cold Storages

g. Develop mafia free efficient Logistics & Supply Chain

h. Make Agri Income Taxable

i. Dis-allow direct/indirect control of Farming land by Individual/Group of Individuals/any other Entity

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